5 Shocking Reasons why Hiring the Wrong Web Designer can Cost you All your Wealth

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The internet has opened a wide opportunity for businesses and organizations to rapidly grow their results with a tiny effort and cost. Web technologies have made almost anything possible for businesses and organizations.

However, going the wrong way can cost you all your fortune when your website is developed by someone who lacks adequate expertise to get the job done rightly.

In this article, I have exposed some dangerously shocking errors that an inexperienced/unqualified web designer can drag you into, leading to unending lawsuits that can cost you generational wealth.

Read the insights below to get information that will save you and your business/organization.

1) Going for cheap guys:

Everyone wants a cheaper price. Right?

But let’s get this straight: it is no news that most cheap things out there end up costing more money.

Some guys even promise to build a website for less than $100.

Let me expose their secret to you. It cost some money to build a website ranging from several hundreds of dollars to thousands and even millions of dollars. Let me explain that: a domain name costs money, great web hosting costs more money, great web building resources, platforms and tools cost money.

The only reason why someone wants to charge you less a hundred dollars or less for your website is that they want to get the terribly cheap or free tools and do a terrible job or they want to add your website to their system, making you locked in and making it impossible for you to leave if you no longer want work with them. This in itself is terrible, like a prison.

I believe you want to stay or leave by choice or don’t you?

There is no way you will pay $200 for a car and expect a Rolls Roys or Ferrari.

At Faithworks Tech, we build the clients website on its own separate system belonging to their business/organization, so that they can have access to it any time and should they chose to leave, they can do so with no difficulty.

If you need a great website, be ready to spend several hundreds of dollars to a few thousands and work with an agency that knows how to get you real results.

2) Focusing on design rather than your goals:

A website without goals in place is useless.

Many people do not understand that a website is a marketing tool and thus end up wasting money, rather than investing it.

A great web designer understands that your website is part of your business/organization’s marketing assets and thus develop your website in a way that fits into your vision and actually help you achieve your short term or long term goals.

This is why at Faithworks Tech, one of our first discussions is elaborating on your goals, be it to increase awareness for your brand, increase sales, get more donors, partners, etc.

We make sure that we build a website that actually helps you attain your short and long term goals.

3) Use of Copyrighted Photographs without permission

We all know that almost any kind of information, pictures and videos is found on the internet and can be copied or downloaded at the click of a button.

But do you know that each piece of content on the internet was put there by someone who owns them and reserves the right to it? That is actually the case.

Unprofessional and inexperienced web designers simply make a google search and use any image that pops-up without doing an investigative study about the safety of using such an image.

Should the author of the image or video lands on your website and discover their content used on your website without permission, they will drag you to court and can claim millions of dollars from you.

This is why at Faithworks Tech, we investigate all images that we use. In fact, we use free or stock images most of the time and this is the safest thing for our clients.

You must, therefore, hire someone who knows the ins-and-outs of web design in order to avoid this dangerously fatal mistake.

4) Not Understanding Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions

All website tract, process, store and use website visitors’ personal information.

However, most so-called web designers probably have no clue as to this and how to legally safeguard your website by defining a suitable terms and conditions and privacy policy and publishing it on your website.

They do not understand the legal and ethical implication of not having these Terms and Privacy Policy.

Besides the negative implications of poor search engine rankings and disfavour by advertising networks, a lack of privacy policy and terms and conditions can let you being sued by your website visitors and can end up costing you thousands of dollars.

At Faithworks Tech we take this very seriously to protect our clients.

5) Ignoring international laws and regulations

It is no news that various countries have norms governing various services and web design is no exception.

Practices accepted in one country may be prohibited in other countries.

You run the risk being banned or fined by some countries when your website violets their standards and you try expanding your customer or donor base to those countries.

It is easy for inexperienced web designers to get you into this kind of trouble.

You must, therefore, do research is an agency have such understanding before hiring them.

Time to take action?

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