6 Mind-Blowing Ways a Website Boost your Nonprofit Organization’s Growth, that you might not have thought of

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Here are six ways that having a website for your organization can quickly help you reach your revenue and growth goals.

1) Global visibility

Let’s say you run your nonprofit in a small village in Africa. It is clear that no one will know about you and thus you will remain a local nonprofit for decades.

With a website, you put yourself up on the internet which is accessible to millions of people all over the world.

This way, in just a few years of having a website for your nonprofit, you can be able to connect with numerous donors, sponsors, volunteers and supporters.

This can help you attain your income and growth goals in a short time.

Note that to achieve this global visibility, you need to do some marketing to be able to reach any audience that you want, and this is something we at Faithworks Tech prioritize for our clients.

2) Automation

Automation simply means setting up a system that runs on its own, even in your absence. Most people sleep around 7 hours a day, in addition to breaks during work, weekends and vacations. These are hours when you are not in work mode.

The interesting thing is that when properly done, your website can keep receiving donations, volunteers and partners applications, contacts and providing information to your donors even while you are asleep or away from work.

This way, you do not have to manually be on the phone with anyone who wants to connect or support your nonprofit. This is the easiest secret to multiply results with the same amount of effort.

3) Source of information

We are in the information technology age, and he that has control over the information has the greatest power. Your website is primarily an information centre for your organization.

Donors can give only when they have sufficient information about what your organization and are convinced that their donations will actually make a difference. It is the role of your website to provide all this information in the most persuasive way to your donors.

This way, you do not have to explain what your organization does to every new person that comes to you. You simply give them the website link. This is an easy way to free up your time while getting more results.

4) All-round donations

With a built-in donation portal on your organization’s website, you can be sure that you will never miss a donation because donors from any country in the world can conveniently make a donation online on your website even when you are sleeping or away from work.

This is the single biggest secret to more donations in this century.

At Faithworks Tech, we integrate a complete online donation system on all websites that we develop for our clients which help them grow their donations and revenue quickly.

5) Establish your authority

Do you know that the perceived value of an organization increases when they have a website? This is exactly the case.

A website takes sacrifice, work and financial resources to build and most new donor to your organization will always want to check your website for more information first.

By having a website, you demonstrate that you are ready and serious about building an organization that will last, not just something that is here today and gone tomorrow.

Your donors sense this and thus having a website serves as a motivating factor for a constant flow of donations into your organization both offline and online.

6) Overall Revenue Growth

All the above-mentioned benefits of a website combine together to help you quickly grow donations which enables your organization to do more good and impact more lives.

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