5 Actionable tips to drive More Revenue for your Nonprofit using Facebook

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Let’s get this straight: your nonprofit is out to help people, not to accumulate profits, but common sense teaches us that without money flowing in, it will be practically impossible for you to help the people that you are out to help.

Due to this, you depend hugely on donations from other people outside of your organization.

Guess what? There are more than 2 billion people using Facebook. This means that more than 80% of your potential donors are on Facebook.

But the problem is that most owners of nonprofits have no clue on how to attract these donors and make them donate over and over again.

In this article, I will reveal to you some key secrets that top nonprofits use to drive a continuous flow of huge donations on a daily bases, and which you can immediately implement in your organization to start seeing results.

1) Post regularly

Share content that your target audience finds valuable, which can be educational, inspirational, motivational or how-to-do content. This creates goodwill around your nonprofit and let your audience know that you care about time and is ready to give rather than just being at the receiving end. This will boost their motivation to donate. Also share updates about every activity of your organization. This lets donors know their donations are making an impact, enabling them to give even more. A dormant Facebook page = no donations, while an active Facebook page = more donations.

2) Engage with your audience

No one likes to be ignored. When users write comments on your posts or send messages to your nonprofit’s page, do well to reply as soon as possible. This lets them know that they are being listened to, boosting their engagement to the organization and they are more likely to donate.

Use your personal profile to draw traffic to your page
You need to get people connected to your page. Write posts about your organization’s mission and share on your personal wall, then tag friends. Make sure to include a link to your Facebook page or website. This draws them closer to learn more about your organization, leading to more donations.

3) Run Facebook ads

This is so far the easiest, quickest and most reliable way to boost your nonprofit on Facebook. By running targeted paid Facebook ads, you tap into facebooks vast database of suitable audience who are more likely to donate to your organization. I encourage you to embark on Facebook ads right now because it’s as simple as buying quality traffic that will make you more money.
At Faithworks Tech we help our clients run ads with exact targeting that yields results.

4) Send inbox messages

People are more likely to reply and react to personal messages than they are for group messages. Whenever your organization is raising funds, tap into your network of family, friends and connections. Write personalised messages that include their name and send it to them. Most of them will appreciate that and take action by donating. Equally, share valuable content with them to keep them engaged and increase the chances of future donations.

5) Celebrate donors and supporters publicly

This one is obvious! Everyone likes public praise. Frequently thank and celebrate top donors of your organization. They will feel valued and motivated to donate and refer others to donate too. Equally, send personalised thank you notes to all your donors.

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