JUST ASK! The Simple Way to Get More Donations in 2021

Before we get started, let’s get this straight: The number 1 reason you started your nonprofit was to help those who are in need.

And of course, you cannot be able to do all these with your own money alone.

So you would clearly agree that a non-profit is in other words an organization created to ask for help on behalf of others who need that help.

While you might be investing a ton of your own resources into your nonprofit, You surely are looking for ways to raise my more money through donations and grants, so that at last you can be able to sponsor all the activities of your nonprofit and be able to able to pay yourself and your team some stipends.

In the following article, I would share with you how to ask for donations in a way that people would give.

First of all what stops people from asking?

One of the greatest reasons why most people do not ask for donations is fear.

Most people are afraid of what would be of themselves if the person they are asking from doesn’t give. They are scared of being embarrassed.

They just feel uneasy to ask from those whom they think will likely not give.

But understand this: the only way for your nonprofit to get money is to get donations from other people because you cannot fund a nonprofit all alone.

Your fear of asking is actually keeping you from actually helping those whom you set out to help.

The only worst thing you can get after asking for a donation is the answer No. And if someone says No to you, that wouldn’t hurt. In fact, that might give you the courage to ask someone else who will end up giving.

In the Bible in the Book of Matthew 7:7, Jesus made a pronouncement which every nonprofit owner should leverage. He said, “Ask and it shall be given”. He goes further to say “for he who asks receives”. James 4:3 sheds more light on this. It says “you want something but you do not get it because you have not asked”.

So you see, your problem is not that people do not want to donate to your organization. Your problem is that you have not actually asked people to donate.

If only you would summon a little more courage to ask people to give to your organization, then you would notice how easy it is to raise more funds for your organization.

You do not necessarily need to go far to ask people to donate to your organization. Just reach out to friends, family members, colleagues and people around you to make a little donation to support your cause.

As you become more confident in asking, you can then stretch the network or the community of people that you ask from. You can then start reaching to friends of friends, family friends, community leaders, business owners, other organizations, etc.

I understand that not everyone will donate when you do ask, but a lot of people will do.

What then is the best way to ask?

The tendency for most people to cover up their fear of asking by just dropping some generalised messages to public forums and platforms. But this doesn’t give a lot of results.

What you should do instead is to write personalized messages and send to people individually. These could be accompanied by flyers or short videos that further give details about what the donations would be used for.

Know this: it doesn’t just end at the level of asking somebody personally to donate. The next step is to follow them up. If after some days they have not yet made a donation to your organization, what you should do is to reach out to them again and remind them. Most people forget things a lot these days.

If you follow people up once, twice or thrice, a lot of them will end up making a donation.

Another easiest, simplest, and cheapest way to get donations nowadays online is to run paid ads on Facebook, Google, etc. This is one of the key things we help our clients with at Faithworks Tech, that is: for ever $1 spent on ads, they can get at least $5 donation coming in.

Paid advertising is also a very easy way to get strangers to donate to your organization. Even the United Nations does this.

At Faithworks Tech, we create advertisements in video, infographics and text formats that grab attention and touches your audience emotionally driving them to donate almost immediately.

We spice these ads with powerful short video adverts and flyers.

Now, a word of caution. Do not ask people for a lot when asking for a donation. You can just ask them to donate maybe $5 or $10 or $20 or so. They can always donate again in future if they actually believe in your work.

We can make it easy for you to get donations

If you are looking forward to implementing a digital strategy for your organization that will help you double or even triple your donations in the first quarter of this year, then get in touch with us.

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