How to Optimize WhatsApp Direct Message Clicks

WhatsApp Direct Chat Link

Do you know that you have been unknowingly preventing your prospects from getting into your inbox to discuss business with you?

Let me tell you why…

One of the major obstacles that prevent your prospects from connecting with you easily in your direct message inbox is the stress you make them go through to message you for business inquiries. The long and strenuous procedure, most often, cause prospects to abandon it halfway.

But, never mind, there is a simple trick you can implement to eliminate all the stress.

With WhatsApp updating to more interesting business features, most businesses are adopting it as a form of quick chat and easy contact with prospects.

The platform has made it very convenient such that your prospects can get to your inbox in just a matter of a single click or two. In this case, prospects will not need to go through the stress of having to register/save your contact in their phone before moving on to start a chat WhatsApp chat with you.

You obviously always lose sales during this tedious process.

Unfortunately, tons of businesses continue to provide simple WhatsApp numbers for clients to chat with them. We know how lazy and sluggish prospects can be.

Okay, now, here’s the trick…

From now on, someone will be able to send you a WhatsApp message without having to first install your contact, search you on WhatsApp, and initiate a chat.

Use this simple link instead, from now on: (include country code, without a + sign)

When you click on this link above, it will take you to my WhatsApp inbox. Do the same for yourself, and witness more direct message clicks.

Equally, Contact Us through the same link above if you need more customized and automated solutions to grow sales and revenue for your business.

Njofie Alain
Digital Business Growth Specialist
Faithworks Tech