Growing up with my parents in my village M’muock-South West-Cameroon, I encountered digital technology in the year 2000, when on returning from school, we met someone who was making a phone call. His voice could be heard a KM away (remember how large and funny the first phones were in those days). I became more excited when my loving and caring dad HRH Forzaotsa got a phone around 2001. I remember as people would come from far and near to make calls with his phone, as he was one of the first person to own a mobile phone in my village. I became very curious with this new technology, though as kids, we were not allowed to manipulate these devices at that time. As time went on, I became even more interested with digital tools, including the radio and TV. I was fond of repairing spoiled radios, TVs and CDs.

My passion and obsession to digital tech was fueled in 2008 when I bought my first “choronco” phone (Nokia) from my brother Betrand. I will always explore and experiment many features on it including playing video games on it. But my brother Betrand could not let me have full control over the phone as he still had to remove my sim and put his to communicate (a great brotherly experience).

A new dawn came in my later years of secondary school when I got my first phone (OKING mark) that could connect to the internet. This acquisition further fueled my passion for digital tech as I started researching the internet for information. It was at that time that became immersed in e-learning. With curiosity and passion, I became more aware of digital trends and technologies. Years passed and as I got more advanced devices, I mightily grew and excelled in the field.

However, my attachment to digital devices kept my family worried (including my father, mother, brothers and sisters). Many people could not understand me then, because they were not aware that I was studying about a technology that will give birth to a giant company that will transform Africa with digital tech. I kept late nights manipulating and exploring all my devices.

Seeing my passion for digital tech, my classmates gave me the title “Web Master” in my high school days in CCAST Bambili.

Another higher degree of passionate pursuit of digital tech came when android phones became available in Cameroon. At this point, I got an android device as well as became more opened to work with the computer. Through the past years, I have studied digital systems, trends, technologies, and also enrolled in online coding courses at Sololearn from where I obtained the HTML, CSS, & JAVASCRIPT certificates.

I can remember when I used go home during holidays. Strong 3G Network was neither available in my room nor in the palace, I had to move up to the road leading to the palace as there was strong 3G network there. This always surprised many people who were either going into or out of the palace as I stood there for hours and even at night, under the strong cold of M’muock. It is only later on that I bought a wifi modem and could trap some 3G network near my room’s window and this saved me from the long hours standing under the cold to explore digital tech. This is just a summary of the training process I went through as I learned coding and explored digital systems and technologies.

I started a graphic design business and by 2016, Faithworks Tech was born ( Faithworks Tech since then has worked with businesses, individuals, institutions, and organizations, providing them with satisfactory result-oriented digital solutions in graphic and website design. Faithworks Tech now has a team of 3 skilled and passionate creatives: Alain, Elizabeth and myself.

The Digital tech industry has a lot of opportunities for you. It may take you some time, sacrifice and self discipline to learn the technology but it is worth the sacrifice, especially if you are convinced that it is your passion. There is no such thing as unemployment in the digital tech sector.

The world is fast going digital. Think of the future of your business, organization or institutions. Going digital is not just an option, it is THE ONLY WAY in the 21st century.

Njofie Wilson remains a humble, God fearing, kind, jovial, committed and passionate young man whose goal is to bring exponential positive transformation to individuals, businesses, organizations and institutions through digital technology.

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