How do I respond to someone interested in my product or service?

How do I respond to someone interested in my product or service?

Conversion Funnel

Poor customer response contributes to more than 90% of your potential clients’ backlash. They will consider your product or service based on your first interaction with them; and if it is not positive and assuring, sorry, you lose them right away to your competitor. This is a very serious concern that any business vying for growth should not ignore.

A lot of times, you find very casual responses that customer service agents throw at potential clients. I mean, it is derogatory.

When someone shows interest in your product or service, your response should be built around these three core elements: value, benefits, and risk-free product or service.

Consider you are a customer service attendant in a banking agency, and a potential client asks about a service.

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Example of bad customer response.

Client: Help us open a branch of your bank in Limbe. Hundreds of people that I know need it here.

Bad response:

Thank you for your message. There is a branch of our bank in Buea. I will invite you to go there and open your account and enjoy our good services.

Example of a good customer response

Thank you so much for your concern, Mr/Mrs (XXX). We appreciate your reaching out to us with this very good suggestion. It will go a long way to help us in understanding our clients’ desires.

Mr/Mrs (XXX), it is the goal of our top management to bring the best banking services closer to everyone, and help them meet up with their specific financial needs.

As we look forward to having you join our network, we would wish to invite you to consider banking with our nearest branch, Buea, for the moment.

Our simplified banking procedures will help get everything set up for you within an hour or less, and even flexibly transfer your account when we finally have a branch operational in Limbe. This will entirely be our responsibility.

With our efficient digital services, distance is not a barrier. If you would spare me a few minutes, I would get to your inbox for further assistance on how we can help you get everything set up, and also share with you some of the outstanding benefits you will enjoy entrusting us with your financial needs -these benefits are appreciated by more than 90% of our customers.

Thank you for your collaboration. Looking forward to having you in a moment.


Attending to Prospects

From the two responses above, it is obvious which one touches the potential client’s heart the most, and pushes them closer to making a favorable decision to buy from you.

You see, before a client enquires about a service, they are in what we call the consideration phase in the purchasing chain. During this phase in marketing, there are tens of other options roaming their minds, and causing them to take a definite decision to buy from you becomes the full responsibility of the marketer.

So, you have to outline why you are better than your competition by tabling valuable services to the client, the benefits they stand to get buying from you, and finally prove to them that your service or product is risk-free.

In summary, your response should:

  • Be open and honest.
  • Be grateful for the prospect’s effort.
  • Be courteous, not scripted.
  • Don’t make promises you can’t keep.
  • Show willingness to help, not sell.
  • Let the client see their real need to choose you.

With these, the prospect will feel more secure, honored, and will likely buy from you.

Alain Njofie
Digtial Marketing Specialist.