About Njofie Wilson

I am Njofie Wilson, CEO and founder of two startup digital companies, Faithworks Tech and Afritech Academy.

These startups have unique goals to contribute to the digitalization process of Africa and beyond.

My passion for digital technology started in my childhood days as far back as my first encounter with digital gadgets.

Growing up as a kid in my village, M’muock, South West Region of Cameroon, I fell in love with manipulating the TV, radio, mobile phone and any digital gadget I could lay hands on. I would try to understand how each of these tools worked and would try to explore all the options.

I subsequently got a mobile phone in my secondary school days, which permitted me to connect to the internet. This was the birth of an era of great curiosity and research in technology.

I started using the internet to study through my mobile phone when I was in Form 3 of secondary school, at the age of 12.

After many years of personal study and research, I became a graphic designer, and later on, became a web developer after completing several pieces of training and online courses on coding languages and web technologies.

I am very passionate about creating a positive impact and transforming my country Cameroon, Africa and beyond through digital technology.

I have helped thousands of people for over 10 years, right from my high school days.

After serving a wide range of clients with Graphic Design, Web Design, Branding, Video Editing and Digital Marketing services through our digital agency, Faithworks Tech, I co-found Afritech Academy, a professional digital technology training platform. This earned me an award as Cameroon’s Best Digital Entrepreneur 2020, by Bonteh Digital Media Award, and Cameroon’s Best Impact Tech Promoter 2020 by GAICAM Cameroon Heroes Award.

Under my leadership, our team at Afritech Academy has built 26 online courses in diverse ICT fields including areas like General ICT, Microsoft Office, Graphic Design, Web Design, Digital Marketing, and Coding.

These skills will reduce digital illiteracy and empower our students to develop solutions to solve societal problems.

Our trainings at Afritech Academy are tuition, free.

As of June 2022, we have more than 2,500 students registered on our platform from all across Cameroon, Africa and beyond.

I keep learning and researching to get more knowledge and skills so that that I can teach and inspire more people in the tech industry.

I like talking about Opportunities in the Tech industry, Artificial Intelligence, and how Tech is impacting Society.

I have featured in several major media platforms in Cameroon including Equinoxe TV, CRTV, BCTV, MimiMefo Info, Cameroon News Agency, among others.

I have equally travelled to Rwanda and Dubai for business conferences.

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God bless you.