7 Alarming Reasons why subscribing to a Website Maintenace Plan could save you $1000s – Revealed!

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I have seen people who invest a ton of money to hire a web designer, who builds a great website for their organization and all is working well…

But, but, but within a year, that great website becomes like trash or completely gone from the internet.

The big question is: where did the website go to? Where did all the investment go? We will explore some in this article, so stick around.

When most organization owners build their website, they get excited about it, but forget that a website works just like a car. If you buy a Ferrari car for $1 million and run it daily and neither fuel it, nor visit the mechanic for checkup, I should not be a prophet to tell you that the uncared-for expensive nice car will be down and gone in no time.

No matter how great your website has been built, here are some of the reasons why regular website maintenance and care is very vital and indispensable.

1) Saves your precious time:

A typical business owner is not a web designer and neither has an equipment setup to efficiently perform web design tasks.

Anyone can learn how to maintain the essentials of a website, but if you think of the time it will cost you daily to open your computer, log in to the backend of your website and do updates, security and maintenance, this will take at least 2 hours of your time which will be worth at least $30 for an average business owner.

The reason you should let a web design agency to do this for you is that they already have a web design studio set up in place and just need the push of a button each morning to get started. They can do the job for you at a tiny fraction of what it will cost you doing it on your own.

2) Free you from technical headaches

As a business owner, you probably are not a web designer nor a tech person and that is why you hired someone with the expertise to do your website for you.

Why do you think that once the site is designed, you will suddenly become a web designer to maintain it?

The web design learning curve is very steep, with a lot of technical stuff and computer code to deal with, and that is why few people ever become great web designers. At the surface level, it may seem that you need just a few days to understand how to work on your site, but if you dig deep, you will realise that it is more technical than you think.

Therefore, it is for your own good to save yourself from all the technical issues that professional web designers have to deal with every day to make your website working properly.

3) Peace of Mind

How does it feel to know that someone else is in charge of your stuff? When you know that it’s all on them, not you. Just that feeling of calm can catapult you to the next level in your career.

If you leave the maintenance of your website to a web design agency, it frees your time to focus on your business and the things that matter to you.

4) Secure your site

When you take maintenance of your own website into your own hands, the likelihood of creating security vulnerabilities and opening your website to hackers is high.

Most people have no clue as to how to prevent a website hack, nor how to fix a hacked site.

When you chose to maintain your website and it gets hacked, you will have to pay an agency hundreds to thousands of dollars to fix it for you, something that should have cost just a few dollars for monthly maintenance.

As the saying goes: “it is better safe than sorry”

5) Errors and Bug fixes

A website is a technical machine that is in constant motion, and just like a running car, a website is prone to breakdowns.

Once such a breakdown occurs, it always requires a technical approach to fix, and most business owners have no clue about how to go about.

An error on your website, when not fixed quickly can cost you $1000s lost in your revenue.

Therefore, entrusting this task to a reputable web design agency is the best thing to do.

6) Regular improvements

At Faithworks Tech, one of our priorities is to keep our clients’ websites on the top technologies and trends that deliver results.

With a website maintenance plan, we make sure that your website is always fresh, leading to more revenue.

We continue to optimise your website for greater efficiency.

7) More Revenue

When a web design agency is handling all the technical stuff for you, it frees up more of your time, giving you the opportunity to focus on the tasks that you enjoy. This is the secret that can help you immediately double your revenue.

Where do I go from here with my website?

If you are looking for a reputable web design agency whom you can rely on to maintain your website, then we can help, contact us today, let’s discuss how maintaining your website can help you double your revenue in less than 90days.

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